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Tyrmia Edits Underway

I got the manuscript for my next novel back from my editor yesterday. In case you’ve been under a rock, the book is called Tyrmia. Pronounced (Term-eeya). I’ve already suspended work on Starforgers and dived into editing Tyrmia. The plan is to spend the next two weeks on Tyrmia, working on those marvelous edits. Then I will print it out and begin copy editing. Hopefully I can get another set of eyes on the copy edits. The e-book of Tyrmia should be out before Christmas this year. Possibly late November.

My editor for all my books to date has been Angela Abderhalden. She’s a fantastic author in her own right and a very meticulous editor. My books have all been immeasurably improved by her edits.

Tyrmia is set in the Starstrikers Universe but it takes place about 500 years after the events of that book. The Great War with the Votainion Empire is over and a combined fleet of Votainion and Western Alliance crews are exploring lost worlds and making amends for planets disrupted by the war.  Tyrmia is the planet where humans and Votainions first encountered one another and was then promptly forgotten as war broke out. This is the story of how that planet’s history was forever changed by the war, and how one woman attempted to right the wrongs of her ancestors.

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