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New Short Stories Section

I’ve added a new page to the main menu in order to showcase my short stories. The idea is to rotate through them every month or two and let you get a chance to read them on the site using This will let new readers sample my work before buying the novels.

I believe that there just isn’t a non-traditional market for short stories from unknown authors like myself. I could devote all my time to writing shorts and try to get them published traditionally, but then I would not have time to write my novels. I’ve decided to focus on the novel and supplement them with an occasional short story.

I know that most authors of the traditional mindset think I’m stark raving mad. Why do I insist on doing things my own way? Why don’t I just do things like everyone else? Because I can. I’m publishing what I want, the way I want it on my own terms. If you’re into my stories, you will “get it”, if you don’t read my stories, well, I’m just a crazy old crank.

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