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WIP Progress Report

I’m a few pages into Chapter 3 of Starforgers, my current WIP.  This one is a bit of a slow down after the first two action packed chapters. But only for a few pages and then more bad stuff happens to good people.

My total word count to date is 6,693 for those who track that sort of thing. The first revisions on Chapter 1 were four weeks ago. So I started writing this beast in late August. I never can seem to remember these things or even write them down. Anyway, I need to pick up the pace a bit. That’s something like 1,600 words a week. I need to get it to 3,000 words or about a chapter a week.

I took one weekend off and I spent much more time than usual tweaking the first chapter. Some of that tweaking is a conscious effort on my part to write better words. If I spend the time on Draft One, I might be able to shave off the rewriting time later on in Draft 2. That’s my thinking anyway, for better or worse.

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