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Been kind of quiet on the blog this week. No posts and no comments. Typical really. Life has been pretty busy, but I have been working on Starforgers when I get a moment. Actually started writing the opening chapter. It’s not what I had in my outline, which is probably why its taking longer to figure out. Also, it’s the first chapter, duh! Most important to get right and all that.

I had a break through of sorts for the third book in the Starstrikers series – Starveyers.  I now have a better idea how that book will look from a plotting standpoint. I was worried it would not be as exciting as the other two books, but now I think it will be fine. Each book is set in a different time period and each has its own style that reflects the time it is set in. This is as I intended it, so I’m happy it will turn out that way. This doesn’t make much sense now, but trust me, when you read each book, you will see the differences clearly.

Kindle sales of Starstrikers are definitely slowing. Not sure if it’s related to summer or the price increase. Since sales were trending lower before the increase, I tend to think it has to do with some other influence.  I have yet to get any sales for TFO in the iBooks store from Apple. It’s possible that my unknown status in the SF Genre is hurting it with the trendy Apple crowd. I can live with that. No need to offer any more books for sale there. As it stands right now, only B&N and Kindle customers are buying my e-books.

Going to push this fall to get Tyrmia out in e-book form. Then write Starforgers draft one. In the early Spring I will dust off the Null_Pointer manuscript and clean it up for a Second Edition.  The only other project on the boards is a POD version of Starstrikers Second Edition.

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