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Early Alliance Starfighters

At the start of the Great War, the newly minted Alliance military had very few operational starfighters. Since the deep space fleet concept was still new, only two such warships were built and of those two, only the SS Sokol had an operational squadron of starfighters. The second squadron stationed on the Sokol was composed of experimental starfighters and most of those were unreliable and unarmed.


This is a sketch of an Alliance pilot wearing the considerably low-tech flight suit of the day. The suit was pressurized, but offered little in the way of life support once the pilot was forced to eject. An emergency air supply would only last for about thirty minutes. Long enough to be rescued by a shuttle crew.

The primary operational fighter of the day was the Vickers Starling. It was a gull-winged design that handled very nicely in space and in atmospheric flight. The glass cockpit offered great visibility for close-in combat.

Vickers Victory Fighter Starboard

This is a cardboard model I built of the Vickers fighter. The scale was 1/48, the same as many of the model airplane kits I built as a kid.

The Starling was a direct descendant of the Vickers Gull Scrambler starfighter used by the Stellar Rangers. That fighter is pictured below in a poor quality sketch.

Gull Scrambler

One of the starfighters being tested by the Federation before it became the Alliance, was the A-22 Trogen starfighter. The Trogen starfighter became the front line starfighter for the Alliance fleet and served longer than any other design in the early years of the war.


This color painting was done with mixed mediums in acrylic and colored pencil.


Here is a multi-view drawing with notes.

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