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E-Book Sales (Other)

In the last post I showed you the numbers for my Kindle sales. This time I show you the less than spectacular sales for all other e-book outlets where I’m selling my fiction. These are sales totals for all of 2010.

Total Books Sold:

  • Smashwords: 28
  • Barnes & Noble: 2  <– One of these was me buying my own book!
  • Sony: 0
  • Kobo (formerly Shortcovers): 0
  • Apple: 0

As you can see, Smashwords and Barnes & Noble are the only other markets I have sold to. Somehow the Kobo market does not surprise me as I’m not sure they are even selling my books yet. Every time I check, nothing is there. I know for sure that Tales From Ocherva is in the Apple store, but I may be the only one who knows that. ;-)

I also know for sure that Starstrikers is in the Sony e-book store because I can see it there. If you notice to the left of the book, you can also spot Null_Pointer.  But still not seeing anything in the Kobo store. I don’t know how to get in the Borders e-book store, I assumed it was related to Kobo, which is why I’m not showing in the Borders catalog. For some reason I thought Kobo would be more self-publisher friendly, but they are not. Pity, their android reader is quite nice.

Smashwords has been very helpful in getting my books into other markets, but I will start doing it myself for Kindle, Apple and Barnes & Noble for the next book. I have better control and can upload my epub file directly through their author services.

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