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Family Safely Home Again

After a week spent visiting their grandparents in Tennessee, my wife and kids are back home again in Idaho. There were many sighs of relief and, “It’s good to be home again” was said more than a few times. They had a wonderful time and got to do some really cool stuff, including swimming in a river and lots of boating. Not to mention the great cooking they enjoyed.

The dog was happy to have two play buddies back and the cat was glad to have someone to occupy the dog.

2 thoughts on “Family Safely Home Again”

  1. Glad they’re home.

    And that’s one of the things I miss. When I worked on some Habitat for Humanity word down in TN, we used to go swimming and bathing in rivers. That ended up being a fun part of that work (since it was typically too hot in the afternoon to work, and our accommodations didn’t have showers).

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