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Plotting Starforgers

I’ve been largely off the blog lately, spending my copious amount of free time (family is on vacation without me) plotting my next SF novel – Starforgers. It will be a prequel to Starstrikers. Well, if you can call a book that takes place 500 years earlier than the last one a prequel. I haven’t gotten very far with it yet, just out of the setup in fact. But I have done a good bit of character mapping and subplot wrangling. So things are moving forward, just not with blinding speed.

This morning I realized that there will be religious aspects to the Votainions in this novel so I had better start adding that to my world building. Just to let you know, there are pirates, androids, religious zealot military leaders, gun slinging Rangers and politicians all playing parts in this Space Opera. Going to be real fun to write and hopefully fun to read.

As I type this post, the foothills West of Boise are burning in a very serious grass fire. Three homes have already been consumed. We’ve been in a red flag condition all week and now a summer rain storm has whipped up the winds and that is stoking the fire. My house is not affected, but it makes being outside not very fun. Brings back memories of two years ago when such a fire was one block from my house. Not a fun day that.

Anyway, back to the plotting. I hope to post some things to the blog later in the week.

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