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Camping Weekend

This weekend we will be up in the mountains north of Idaho City on a family camp out with some Scouts. Should be excellent weather and a great time. I’ll be back online later that Sunday. We packed up the car last night and it looks like everything still fits. The last time we went camping was two years ago. Last year’s surgery in Seattle made for no camping/fishing last summer. So we will be making up for lost time this year.

We’re going to have to invest in a car top carrier before we can take the dog camping with us. No pets allowed this time, so we got off easy on the packing. Going to try out my new Colman stove to heat up beans for dinner and coffee in the morning. Reminds me of the old Colman stove my dad had when I was growing up. Good times.

Endora will be visiting friends for the weekend and hanging out with two other former guide dogs. I’m sure she won’t miss us too much. Because it’s been a while since I posted a dog picture – here’s our Endora. Photo by Spencer.

Endora by Spencer


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