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Final Cover Art

Tales From Ocherva Volume One, now has final cover art. Thanks to the tireless efforts of my graphic designer brother, Byron McConnell, we are ready to start uploading the finished manuscript to Kindle. I will start the process on Sunday and hopefully some time in the next few days, you will be able to purchase the new anthology set in the Galaxy Collision universe. Here’s the final art in a much bigger version.

Coming soon to this web site, an interview with Byron about his process for coming up with the cover and some of the tools he used. Click the picture for a larger version.

2 thoughts on “Final Cover Art”

  1. That’s going to be a fun interview to read. I’ve wondered about the entire process, how much is yours, how much is his. Who comes up with what aspects of the cover? Is it all your mental wireframe vision and he fills it in, or is it more like “I want a bad ass robot on the cover, what do you got?” How often does he groan at what you ask for? Does he ever use the covers for target practice? :-D

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