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Android Apps for Writers – Dropbox

Recently my only laptop went down and had to be sent to the shop for repairs. I was right in the middle of a new short story. At best it meant no writing for a week or two, at worst it meant the story was completely gone due to a bad hard drive. But I was using Dropbox and so all I had to do was walk over to my Linux box and open the story file to keep on writing.  Because I was saving the story to Dropbox, a cloud based server, I could access the story from any computer.

Dropbox offers two gigs of space for free, which is all any writer needs for works in progress. You can access your documents from any web connected computer and or phone. The android app version works perfectly and lets you look at you story as if it were formatted for Word. If you write in a different program, like OOo, you have to save as a .doc in order to see it on Android. This will be true until Androffice gets the Write clone working.

There are native Dropbox clients for Linux, Mac and Windows. There are also clients for Android, Blackberry, iPhone and iPad.


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