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A Wonderful Saturday

I woke up early this morning and worked on the anthology due this summer.  Then I had coffee with Louis Millicam at the Flying M Coffee House.  We talked about SF novels and Mysteries and he’s agreed to read my mystery novel, Null_Pointer.  Louis is from France, he is in Boise with his wife who is a visiting professor at Boise State.  It was a wonderful hour talk and I look forward to seeing him again soon.

The rest of my morning was spent putting the finishing touches on my son’s Pine Wood Derby cars.  Later in the afternoon, we had them weighed in the for the big race next Thursday.  After lunch it was off to the baseball diamond for a little pitching and batting practice.  Car errands included getting a copy of the Fiesta Bowl 2010 DVD and a cup for my oldest son.  We splurged with a Dairy Queen Blizzard.

It was a beautiful 60 degrees in Boise today with the sun shinning on high all day.  Hopefully tomorrow lets me sleep in and stay close to home.

P.S.  My first novel, Starstrikers is enjoying a wonderful run this month on the Kindle.  As I write this in the early evening, it has sold 109 copies this month.  My friend Nate bought me a Coke in celebration of making it to 100 and I split it with my family yesterday evening before supper.  Thanks Nate!  And thanks to all those who have purchased and continue to purchase the book!

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