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Home Page Upgrades

Some of you may have noticed the new items on the home page this month.  I have updated the cover art for the second edition of Starstrikers.  If you like the new look, go thank my brother, Byron McConnell for his efforts.

I’ve also added some status or progress bars for the projects I’m working on right now.  This way readers can see how far along I am and get an idea of when the next book will be ready.  The other thing I have added is an Amazon ranking box that shows how popular Starstrikers is at the moment.  If it ever falls off into the millions again, I’m likely to take it down, but for now, it’s pretty impressive.

Thinking about adding a Twitter feed to the main page, but may rule against it.

Still working on the Starstrikers copy edits for the Amazon Kindle version.  I would like to upload that ASAP, but it takes time to go through entire book again.  If you have purchased Starstrikers on Kindle in the last two months, you will be eligible for a free upgrade to the second edition.  Just email me after it comes out, and I will send you it in .mobi format.  Just another way to say thanks to my loyal readers.

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