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Sunday Writing Miscellany

The cat woke me up at 4:30 AM so I came out, made my coffee and started plugging away on the Tyrmia manuscript. By the time the kids and wife had gotten up, I was finished with the Third Draft edits. So now I get to hurl the 400+ page manuscript onto some fellow writer friends for critiquing. Hopefully, I can get it back from them in the next few months and apply their changes. Then the novel will go off to my editor for a shake down. By then it will be in a fifth and hopefully final draft.

Meanwhile, I have other things to be working on. First up is the manuscript for the Tales from Ocherva, Volume One anthology, which will be out this summer in e-book form only. I still have to finish going through all the short stories and possibly write another story for inclusion. I have not selected cover art for that one yet, but I think I have a good idea of what I want to achieve with it. It will be very heavily influenced by old Western movie posters and early Space Opera magazine covers. Should be full of pulpy goodness.

The other project that I’m working on is the outline and character sketches for my next Space Opera novel, Starforgers. I will hopefully start writing that one after baseball season in early summer. I’m really looking forward to getting into that novel. It should be a hoot write and read. Look for it Fall of 2011.

Getting closer to the final cover art for the Starstrikers Second Edition novel. It’s coming out again with a new cover and a newly edited manuscript this Spring. If you have already purchased the Starstrikers e-book and would like a copy of the new version, I will have directions for downloading it in few weeks. Or you could blow a whole buck again and boost my sales figures. ;-)

The spike in sales of Starstrikers on the Kindle have started to wane.  For a while there I was up to three sales a day.  It was pretty fun to watch, but I still have no idea why it was suddenly selling so well.  Nobody buys it on Smashwords, which is a pity, because they have the latest version for the same price and in more open formats.  I’ve mentioned this fact before, but apparently those folks who read books on the Kindle, don’t read my blog.

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