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The Appeal of Space Opera

When I was a teenager I discovered the sub-genre of Space Opera.  I read close to two hundred paperbacks in high school and most of them were science fiction.  A good many of my favorite SF books were considered Space Opera.  All those books left quite an impression on my young mind.  As an adult, I all but dropped reading SF for over a decade.  When I started writing seriously, the first thing I wrote was a Space Opera that I had dreamed up as a teenager.

Starstrikers is the fruition of my teenage SF dreams.  We write what we most enjoy reading. But I have other likes and interests and after having lived for over forty years, I have begun to condense my favorite things in life into my fiction.  You will find references and nods to many of my interests in the imaginary stories I tell.  Like an expert chef or a talented Jazz musician, I weave elements from aviation, astronomy, art, literature and science into my stories.  Sometimes great things emerge, other times, not so great things fall flat.  But each and every story I write is a mix and match of my life experiences and interests. It’s what makes my writing unique.

Savvy readers of my short stories and novels will pick up on these little elements, but most readers will just be entertained by them and in the end, that’s all that matters to me.  So if you love SF and especially the sweeping, sagas known as Space Operas, won’t you come along with me and enjoy the ride?  The next launch comes this summer with a digital only anthology of short stories and will continue on into light speed with the release of my third novel – Tyrmia, this Fall.

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