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Two ARCs in One Year

As mentioned in a previous post, I will have two paperback books come out this year.  As it happens, they both are out in ARC or Advanced Reader Copy editions at the same time.  No actual readers will get to read the ARC for Starstrikers, as it’s only the second edition and not much has changed, but I ordered one anyway, so I could proof it.

The ARC for Tyrmia has a production run of two, one for myself and one for my brother who is doing the cover art for it.  BTW, he did read it and is already hard at work on bringing the cover to life.  Pics of the progress will follow, as I get them.

The way I create these is quite easy and fast.  I take the original document and format it for 6X9 page size and then I upload it to Lulu and let their wizard sort it out.  I really don’t attempt to make it look like a real book inside.  I include the book name, author name and ARC and then put page numbers on the bottom of the page.  For the covers I just use the most basic template possible, black text and white background.  After I get the books in, I stamp them with a custom ARC stamp in red, on three sides to discourage stealing and reselling.

Anyway, just thought everyone might enjoy seeing the two white cover ARCs together in the same year.

ARCs of Tyrmia and Starstrikers SE

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