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Big Picture GC Universe

All of the novels and short stories featured in the Galaxy Collision universe are set in very specific time periods in relation to the Great War between the Votainion Empire and the Western Alliance.  This crude picture (click to make bigger) attempts to show where the various novels and short stories appear in the time line.  My goal is to focus on writing Starforgers and Starveyers as they are the remaining book ends to the Great War.  After those books are completed, I can move around the three main time periods at will and fill in the missing pieces.

One of the two books not previously talked about much by me is Voton.  It will be a story about the founding of the Empire and how the nine kastrums of Voton are united for the first time.  It’s pretty much going to be a High Fantasy story, as it is set in a time before technology, or at least when advanced technology was akin to magic.

The other book is called Freedom Run.  It’s about Joules Rouse and his efforts to save his love, Erin Kent from prison and help the Starstrikers with an under-cover mission.   This is basically a novella, it may get bigger as I plot it out, but for now, it’s pretty low on the priority list.

There is the possibility that I will do a book about the Silicants, or sentient androids that were created before the war.  They have a minor rebellion and then are banished to a far away world to grow and evolve on their own during the long war.  No, they do not come back looking like Six from Battlestar Galactica.  But they do return as legitimate children of the Ancients – that long gone race of meddling aliens responsible for much of the drama in my universe.

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