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True Fans

Have you read any of my stories?  Did you like them?  Yes?  Prove it.  Buy my books.  Then, send me a picture of you, holding my book.  Or, if you have the Kindle (or other e-reader), hold it up to your face and take a picture of it on the Kindle.  I’m curious how many people are “True Fans” of my stories.  Why am I curious?  Because I’d like to someday make a living selling books.  Until I can sell thousands of copies of either digital or paperback books, I will never be able to put food on my table from writing.

If you have Null_Pointer, buy Starstrikers.  If you only have Starstrikers, buy Null_Pointer.  If you have both of those books, show how totally awesome you are and buy Barren Worlds, the anthology that I’m in.  Then take a picture of all three in your hands.  It’s up to you to figure out how best to hold them.

The first fan to send me a picture with themselves holding all three books, gets my next book FREE.  I will send you an autographed paperback version of Tyrmia.

Show me the books!

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