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Beta Readers Wanted

Do you like Science Fiction novels?  Would you like the chance to read a new novel nearly a year before it comes out?  All it will cost you is time and the willingness to provide me with some feedback.  I’m not looking for in-depth critiques or line edits, just honest opinions about the story and characters.  I usually have trusted writer friends grill a novel around the third draft or so, but at this early stage in the novel’s creation, I’m looking to get regular reader’s opinions.  I’m trying to see if the story is working on a big-picture or macro level.

The manuscript will have hideous errors and could cause a grammarian or fellow writer to convulse uncontrollably.  If you are such a person, perhaps you had better wait to read a later version.  But if you like a good story and don’t mind pointing out where this one may go afoul, please send me an email stating your willingness to participate as a Beta Reader.  ken.mcconnell at

Below is the cover for the print version that is only available to me.  As the novel gets closer to completion, I will have a select number of these ARC paperbacks ready for readers.  But for now, it is only available in pdf or doc formats.  If you don’t care about giving me notes, choose the pdf, if you want to ad notes to the document, choose doc.  The version of Word is Word 97, which most third party word processors will support.  I don’t care if you print out the draft to read it, but you do so at your own cost.  The doc formatted version is in US Letter format and the pdf is in 6 x 9 book format. BTW, the book formatted version is 391 pages long.


So what’s it about anyway, you ask?  You will just have to volunteer to read it to find out.  ;-)

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