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Post Holiday Update

I was fairly productive over the holiday break in terms of my writing and switching over to the single domain name.  This new web site is beginning to come together like I imagined it a few months ago.  There will be more tweaking ahead, but the meat and potatoes are in place and working fine.

I’ve been working hard on the second draft of Tyrmia, my next SF novel.  Chapter One got an extensive overhaul and now I’m following those changes with minor updates that have created a ripple throughout the novel.  I still aim to be finished with this draft in a week or so.  I should still be ready to send it out to Beta Readers before Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, we got our tree yesterday – a Noble Fir.  We are spending Christmas with my side of the family this year down in Arizona.  So we adjusted out holiday a bit early to enjoy the tree before we head South.   The kids wanted so badly to string lights last night, but we had to let the branches fall for a day or so before decorating.

Over the weekend we took the kids to the Festival of Trees downtown and they really enjoyed the magic show and the Banjo Band in addition to all the colorful trees.  On Friday evening Laurie and I watched the BSU Broncos win their latest game on ESPN.  I have to give that network credit for really taking a shine to our fair city.  Boise is really a nice place to live and raise a family.

Thanksgiving feast was enjoyed by all this year thanks in no small part to the fabulous cooking efforts of my lovely wife.  The kids are finally getting old enough to where they actually appreciate the culinary delights that only come around at this time of year.  Which is good, because all this food should not have to be consumed by just two people.

The week ahead brings two Scout den meetings and a Christmas party for the Partner’s in Crime writing and reading group, where I have just been elected Vice President.  Looking forward to the party and the next year of productive writing.

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