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Changes afoot

I’ve purchased a new domain name and a new hosting package this week.  The plan is to migrate all my various and sundry web presences to one domain and one web site.  At the moment, I have two book centered web sites on Ning, and this blog all competing for my attention.  Not to mention Facebook fan page and Twitter account.  Updating all those sites is starting to drive me batty.

Sometime over the Christmas break, I will be moving this blog to the new domain name and directing hits to this domain and to the two Ning web sites to the new consolidated website.  The new site will be a WordPress installation with forums and areas especially dedicated to my two novel series.  The plan is to make it a one-stop place to find out what I’m up to and where to see me at signings and other functions.

If you are a regular member of the two Ning sites, and, you may notice a halt to my postings there.  I’ll keep updating the appearances calendars but will defer all blogging to this one.  When the new site is live, you will be able to join the forums and that’s where I will be communicating information about individual books.  The goal with the new site is to make it easier for you to communicate with me and for me to communicate to with you.  One of the features of the new site will be that the blog will be re-posted to the forums where things can be monitored in one location.  I’m told this is a good thing, so I’m looking forward to testing it out.

The new site will also have my tweets displayed on the main page, so you can at a glance see my latest post, tweets and a blurb about my latest books. It should be pretty sweet.

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