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Ebook Anthology Brewing

I’ve decided to do something different with the short stories I have written over the past few years.  I’m going to compile them into an ebook only anthology.  The best way for a new writer to get the word out about his work, is to keep the work flowing.  There has to be a regular stream of content so that readers know you are there and that content has to be free or as close to free as you can make it.

So this new ebook anthology will be available online as a Kindle book and a Smashwords book and will cost only $1.00.  It will also be available on Scribd for free and on my site for free.  Just like all my other SF set in that universe.  It will also feature original cover art.

So what’s going to be in the book?  Glad you asked.  Many of the short stories that I wrote were set on a desert world called Ocherva.  They were about a cast of characters that included Stellar Rangers and Silicants (androids).   The tentative title is:  Tales from Ocherva Vol 1.  There will be more such anthologies as I write more stories.

I love writing short stories but have pretty much given up hope on selling any of them to current markets.  Let’s face it, space westerns are not the fasted growing sub-genre in SF these days.  But many of these stories are fun and interesting and I’d like to share them.  I believe the small, paperless ebook format is perfect for a collection of niche stories like this.

So when is this book going to be available?  I don’t know.  Sometime next year?  The rest of this year is pretty booked with rewrites and second edition edits.  In 2010 I will be coming to market with a shiny new edition of Starstrikers and a new novel in the fall, Tyrmia.  It will be a SF kind of year.  While at the same time, I’ll be writing the next Joshua Jones Mystery novel.

Will there ever be a paperback version of the anthology?  Perhaps.  But only if there is crazy interest in it.  So far, I have yet to experience that kind of an audience.


2 thoughts on “Ebook Anthology Brewing”

  1. I know that I, for one, will be looking forward to reading these as a collection. Even if I’ve read most of them already, it’s been scattered here and there, kinda like miners looking for something in their pan while trying to find where to make a claim. I also know that once these are together into a single anthology, I have certain friends that I will be sending to Scribd even if I have to drag them there kicking and screaming. Once they start reading, things will be fine.

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