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Interview with Steve Lancy from Null_Pointer

As an ongoing promotion for my new novel, Null_Pointer, I will be interviewing some characters from the story.  Up this week is Steve Lancy.

My View: Glenn, the readers get a pretty detailed look into your basement home in Null_Pointer.  Have you done anything new to it since the events in the book?

Steve Lancy: Nope.  Wait, I did put up a new antenna.  I know, more aluminum trees in my forest.  I’m a Ham, what can I say?  Hey, how come I haven’t heard you on the local repeaters lately?

MV: My radios are old and of late are not working at the moment.  Have you been told that you will be in the next Joshua Jones novel?

Lancy: No, you have not said anything yet.  Am I going to be in Kill Dash Nine?

MV: Mmmm, I have not thought about it much yet.  Perhaps, but only in a very minor way.  KD9 is going to be going in a completely different direction.  By the way, do you game much?

Lancy: Sure, I’ve been known to play some WoW.  But to be honest, I’m not all that into it these days.  I’d rather be listening to my radios or rebuilding one.

MV: Yeah, that’s what I thought.  KD9 is going to feature the gaming community more than the Amateur Radio community.

Lancy: Too bad.  I saw your rant last week about the Wave.  Pretty funny.  I knew that’s what they were talking about when I saw Firefly, too.

MV: You read my blog?  That’s cool.  You may be the only one.

Lancy: I know some other people who check you out once and a while.  But you know, you really should do more posts on technology or Ham radio.  All that Left Wing writing crap is boring.  Know what I mean?

MV: Perhaps.  But I don’t talk about politics anymore.

Lancy: Good thing.

MV: So when it comes to system administration are you a Vi user or Emacs?

Lancy: Neither.  I use Zed.  I started using it a long time ago, and just didn’t feel the need to change.

MV: Any new rifles or handguns that you’d like to own?

Lancy:  I’m real tempted to get that new Ruger SR-22.  Got their 10/22 action in an all aluminum frame with AR-15 specs.  Sounds like a lot of fun to play with.  And it’s American made.

MV: Just looked that one up, and yeah, it looks pretty cool.  Hay, you follow football?

Lancy: Yeah, I like the Bronocs man.  Been following them since before they were in the WAC.  My fav NFL team though has always been the Steelers.  Their having another great year too.

MV: I like the Steelers, but my favorite NFL team are ‘da Bears.

Lancy: Right.  They were interesting in 1985, but since then, not so much.  But then aren’t you a Cubs can too?

MV: Yes I am.  Who do you follow in baseball?

Lancy: Yankees of course!

MV: Well, I guess this is where I say goodbye.  Thanks for coming on the blog and talking with me Steve.

Lancy: We’re going all the way this year!  Yankees vs Dodgers, you heard it here first!  Yankees in four!

MV: Whatever.

You can buy the paperback book from GB Press and keep coming back here, for more character interviews from Null_Pointer.

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