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Twitter Updates for 2009-09-29

  • RT @JeremiahTolbert Spread the word: I want to see more new space opera submissions at Escape Pod. Strongly prefer reprints as usual. #
  • Enjoyed Castle last night. I love how his body armor is black with block white letters – WRITER. As if that would give anyone pause. #
  • I might actually have to forgo the shorts and put on pants tomorrow. Brrrr. I love autumn. #
  • I have at least one thing in common with Cherie Priest, I despise black licorice too. Get her new book, Boneshaker! #
  • Is Microsoft trying to get more women to learn how to program? What's with all the pink here? Lame. #
  • Getting ready for the Pack meeting. I have nine Tiger Scouts this time around. Hope they all show tonight. #

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