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Twitter Includes, Yea or Ne?

I’ve been feeding my daily Twitters to this blog lately and doing little posting.  I have a question for my regular readers.  Do you like or dislike the daily feeds from Twitter on the blog?  Many of you follow me on Twitter but some don’t so I would be interested in seeing what you think of them on a daily basis.  If I stopped posting them daily, I would keep the weekly summery.

In the mean time, I will try and make a better effort to post actual blog entries more often.   I will also be cross posting to my three genre blogs:  JJMysteries, Starstrikers and GenreBender.

4 thoughts on “Twitter Includes, Yea or Ne?”

  1. I agree Steve, but lately the tweets are the only thing I’ve done online. I’m trying to make an effort to blog more regularly. A friend of mine who knows these things tells me exactly what you said, regular posting more important than content. So my mission is to get more daily posts out this week.

    I think I’ll leave the tweets for now, just to have those posts when I can’t get to the blog or think of anything to say. I think my lack of posting is coming from the let down of having finished that first draft of Tyrmia. But I’m slowing coming out of that funk.

  2. I should say Matt Stagg also did good link posts, although most of them I didn’t click through to, but I always found at least one of the links interesting. Unfortunately Matt’s gone on hiatus.

  3. For me when I see a twitter post on any blog site my eyes tend to skip over them automatically. Most of them require some contextual placement and don’t work well outside of that, at least for me. It doesn’t make me stop reading (unless that’s all that comes up, which then I tend to rank those blogs lower in my priority of keeping up to date with, so I might not check their RSS feed for several days).

    But, Ken, it’s your blog. Do what you’re able to, have time to, and can get done.

    I’ve found that regular posting is more important than actual content (although I strive to do actual content). It sort of why I started doing my linkee-poo posts. About the only other blog I like that does it regularly is Jay Lake’s place. Also when I started blogging there was this tendency of certain bloggers to point to an article, not explain what it was about, and then say something obscure about the link which only worked in context of if you had already read what was linked to. I try not to do that and instead give teasers to what’s behind the link. And I also try to keep them to just writing/editing/publishing things. But when I do a linkee-poo post it means one of two things for me, either, “Oh man, the intertubies are full of interesting stuff that I’ve just not had time to write my own coherent post about it because there’s so much,” or it’s the “I’ve got nothing today, here’s what I’ve been reading.”

  4. Well, that’s an interesting question. I visit here erratically, so the automatic feeds don’t bother me too much. Generally, I follow you on Twitter or you prompt me to check out important things. However, that idea about a weekly summary is nice, IMHO. That allows your followers, should they be so inclined, to go look for some URL or whatever that you tweeted and they’ve forgotten everything but that you posted it.

    I need to get going on my blogging, too, so don’t feel too bad. ;-)

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