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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-25

  • RT @jonobacon The Art of Community now available for free download – #artofcommunity #
  • Why do I catalog my tweets to my blog? So that I can find them later and so can you? Think about it. The data is no longer walled off. #
  • Back from family getaway weekend in Haily, ID. Kid lost his game, got two flags. But, BSU, FSU and Washington won. So all OK. #
  • Updating Ubuntu as I type this. Guess what, after the updates are done, I don't have to reboot. Life is good. #
  • The new pulp fiction is now pixel fiction. Free bits are where it's at. #
  • Darn you @ScottSigler and @SethHarwood, you have pushed me into making the commitment to read my novel. I have a mic and I will use it. #
  • The hits for the site have exceeded the hits for my personal blog for the first time this week. Rock on! #
  • Not sure who Lacoste is, but there is no way in the world I'm buying shoes with a Florida Gator on them. #
  • This article about how the publishing industry must change, is pretty much dead on by my estimation. #
  • Who is your favorite Nerdcore band? Monzy? MC Fontalot? MC Router? #
  • Second week of exercising. Getting a tad easier. Might move from three days a week to five in another week or so. #
  • A friend – I just overheard a couple of people talking about your book. One asked the other, "You got a stack trace on the null pointer?" #
  • Listen up all you Steampunk fans, check out this Army Airship: The Lockheed P-791. #
  • BSU playing at Bowling Green this Saturday. If you live in the area and love college football, come on out and see the BSU show! ;-) #
  • Tried my first Smash Burger today. It was tasty. Should not come with Thousand Island sauce. WTF? Too much meat at 1/3 lbs. #
  • Loving the picture parade that @migueldeicaza has been showing off on Twitter. I was a huge Ximian fan back in the day. Still love Gnome. #

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