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Exercising Again

I’ve been meaning to get back in shape for a while now.  Today was day zero.  The start of regular exercising.  Since the goal is to halt weight gain, I will be focusing on aerobic exercises.  I’m also starting to eat smarter and more consistently than before.  This blog is not about my efforts to exercise, but it is about my efforts to write and I can’t continue to write while becoming a lethargic mess of goo.

So even though less of my day is now available to write, I’m slowly starting to feel better which will make me want to write more and spend more quality time with my family.

2 thoughts on “Exercising Again”

  1. Yeah, I’m not eating any snacks or soda and limiting my carbs to just at diner. Salad for lunch, fruit and peanuts for daytime snacks and of course my apple a day. Also, diner is now smaller portions. So, we’ll see. I can easily drop 5 pounds in diet alone, but I really needed to get moving again. I’m too sedentary.

    Thanks for the encouragement and right back at you my friend!

  2. Cut the high-fructose corn syrup out. Did me a world of good. Although 300 is a wall for me. But the Wii should be at home today (according to the tracking data), so we’re also soon to start the exercise regime.

    Good luck.

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