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Twitter Updates for 2009-09-09

  • Homemade pecan pie and ground coffee for breakfast. #
  • Forcing myself to use Chrome at work all week. Still miss FF's book mark RSS feeds. How come nobody's copied that feature yet? #
  • My son was double and triple teamed last night during football practice. He still got through for a sack. Heh, heh. #
  • Chrome not so shiny today. #
  • I don't see the novel going multi-media anytime soon. Anything more than a simple podcast requires too many specialists to make work. #
  • OK, so how do you bookmark a site in Chrome? #
  • Is it me, or does Gmail kinda work badly under Chrome? Probably XP just not handling Chrome correctly. #
  • Many thanks to @MethodDan and Fabian of Linux Outlaws for mentioning my novel, Null_Pointer on their podcast. #

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