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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-04

  • Great discussion about my #WIP Tyrmia, with my beta reader @BBlohm over on #
  • Mmmm, another good reason to not have an iPhone. RT @pmarcablog Boom! #
  • I'm kicking it with Jack Palms again in This is Life, the sequel to Jack Wakes Up by @sethharwood . #
  • RT @davewiner How to beat Amazon's Kindle. #
  • A test picture of the cover for my short story now available on Amazon. Art from Byron McConnell. #
  • RT @merlyn The Opera browser's crash reporter should be called "Fat Lady". – Too funny Randal! #
  • Not able to get much written this morning, only 615 words on #wip. Son has football game, so must get family up and going. #
  • Uploading the morning's big plays from flag football. My son got three flags. Woohoo! Free Safety #22! #
  • I just want to remind everyone that the Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy movie, sucked horribly. OK, the opening music was good. #
  • My author page is now up on Amazon. Nifty. #
  • Slept in this morning, no writing. Can't mow, the grass is wet. Bummer. Guess I'll write then. First, a second cup of java. #
  • Beautiful day in the City of Trees. No rain as forecast. Maybe tonight or tomorrow. #
  • Getting my therapy for the week by mowing the yard. Mmmm fresh cut grass. #
  • This weekend my son taught me a new word. Juked. Apparently his command of the language exceeds his writer dad. At least in football. #
  • Somebody on B& is buying my book. Other than me. Ranked at 178,813. #
  • RT @BrokenFiction Before working on Universal Healthcare, I'd like to see 'em get Galactic Healthcare right. #
  • Kindle Sci-Fi sale! Get one novel and three of my short stories all for only $4.00. Sale ends October 2009. Hurry, limited bits available. #
  • Happy birthday mom! #
  • Tired of OSX. Someone buy me a Linux lappy. #
  • Why yes, I did finish chapter 55 yesterday. Thanks for asking. Good morning Idaho! #
  • 126 people stared at my novel's page on Lulu until one person had the nerve to buy it. Interesting odds. #
  • Just got tacit approval to attend the Boise Writer's Workshop in November for Who Dares Wins! Be registering soon. #
  • I don't know what everyone is complaining about, Gmail works fine on my Linux box. LOL #
  • Twitter slowing to a crawl due to Gmail Down notices. #
  • Gtalk IM servers are buckling. Look out IRC, you are the last hope! #
  • FYI I will be late to the Partner's in Crime meeting tonight. Football season you know. My boy's a linebacker. #
  • UK magazine interested in reviewing my book. Nifty. #
  • I sent my story to the Hippopotamus for review. He trashed it. He's such a harsh Hippocrit. Ba dum, Chh. #
  • "Ah, Perry the Platypus! So good of you to join me in my evil lair." Just love that darn show. #
  • I don't know where you all live, but I have not worn pants in months. It's summer here in Boise and that means SHORTS. #
  • I'm attending "Boise Warrior Writer Workshop 15 Nov 2009" — #
  • Chapter 56 completed. The end is near. #WIP #
  • Prime time ESPN tonight: Boise State vs Oregon If you love football, you will be watching. #
  • Don't tell ESPN they are broadcasting a BSU game tonight. They are blissfully ignoring it on their own home page. #
  • For the Bronco fans out there in BroncoNation! #
  • Air Force now has working "Laser Beams". #
  • BSU Defense played up tonight, Offense needs some work, but they will get better. Sad that one bad kid gets all the press. #
  • It was a single hot hair balloon morning coming into work today. Beautiful, calm and cool now, but an expected high of 95 today. #
  • Got my copy of Metatropolis yesterday from Subterranean. My thoughts on that will come later. Busy writing finale of Tyrmia now. #

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