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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-28

  • Chapter 52 of Tyrmia is in the can. Moving right along on the #wip. I passed the 400 page mark in std. manuscript format at 86,320 words. #
  • Only 13,000 or more words and I'm hitting the 100,000 word mark on Tyrmia. This could be trouble. I'm not even in the third act yet. #
  • Another chapter finished yesterday and today; you guessed it, one more chapter completed. It's all down hill now. #
  • Hello to all my recent @scribd subscribers! 2,000 strong and growing. #
  • Null_Pointer was the 35th most popular item on @Yudu this week with 670 total views. Not bad! #
  • Watched the Avatar trailer a few times. Parts of it are remarkably similar to my #wip, Tyrmia; the parts that are not like Aliens. #
  • Looks like you can buy my novels on the Android phones now thanks to Smashwords. Cool beans. #
  • RT @JeremiahTolbert New blog post: Why WordPress is the Perfect Platform For Author Sites I agree, WP rocks! #
  • Order #20 has now shipped. Yeah, my @LinuxJournal Hal 2010 shirt is on the way! Soon I will be cool like @shawnp0wers. ;-) #
  • FYI how to install Java on Ubuntu. Good to know. #
  • RT @ReneSilva Optimize Eclipse in 5 Steps Hey that blog theme look familiar. Good stuff. #
  • BTW, this podcast, is cool. Linux Outlaws. #
  • Does a human being have to turn into an alien or otherwise become an alien just to understand that alien's POV? Are we that limited? #
  • Snow Leopard, meh. I like the price for an upgrade, but don't really see it as a must have. #
  • Null_Pointer going viral on the web and it's now available at fine bookstores near you or on line! #
  • That's two fan letters for Null_Pointer so far. I love it. Here's to many, many more satisfied readers! #
  • Null_Pointer now available on line at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and #
  • Home made spaghetti for lunch today. Might even have a green salad with it. #
  • Hugo Nebula Campbell – pen name for a SF writer. Imagine if he won all three awards for a debut novel. ;-O #
  • Available now, anywhere books are ordered. Null_Pointer ISBN 978-0-578-02613-8 Go forth and order your copy today! #
  • How come the FSF doesn't have a page like this for Apple? #
  • "Sorry John, everybody NEED SEE Buckaroo." — Pinky Carruthers #
  • Wireless electricity demo. #
  • Having Amazon build my Author Page. That will be useful. Need to redesign my short story covers, they look like crap. #
  • Linux Baby Rocker –>
    Too funy! #

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