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Fandemonium '09 Afteraction Report

It was my first time both attending and being a guest of honor at Fandemonium this year.  I sold a total of eight books and had a great time in the process.  My limited stock of Null_Pointer books were gone by the end of the second day.  I still have some Starstrikers books left over, so if you want to get one directly from me, let me know.

Fandemonium is a convention that is held by the fans and for the fans of Comics, Anime and SF/F.  I got to see all kinds of creative costumes and interesting people celebrating the things they love in popular culture.  I shared a table with fellow local author Matthew McMillan and his step kids.  Matt and I had fun talking shop at a writer’s panel that was well attended and we both agreed to do the same kind of thing next year.  Here is a Flickr stream of the pictures I took of the attendees.

If you live in the area or nearby, please consider putting Fandemonium 2010 on your list of must-attend conventions for next year.  You’ll have a great time and meet some very cool people who love SF/F as much or more than you do.  Special thanks goes out to Borneo the convention King, for inviting me to attend this year as SF Guest Author!

Matt and Ken on Writers Panel

Matt and I discussing writing at our panel.

2 thoughts on “Fandemonium '09 Afteraction Report”

  1. Well, it was an informal setting to be sure. But sometimes that can be more intimate for the audience. That’s a table down in front, by the way. But we elected to sit on stage instead.

  2. Hey, you survived. I’m sure the GoH tattoo won’t hurt very much longer. :)

    And I’ve gotta ask, don’t they have tables out West? Although I think the addition of the stage is pretty cool.

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