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Twitter Updates for 2009-07-17

  • Big thank you to all the new folks who checked out Null_Pointer on Scribd the last few days! Pushing 5000 views and 470 DLs. #
  • Oh, it's here in case you are a Geek and love tech mystery fiction. #
  • Chapter One of Art of Community by Jono Bacon, Community Leader of Ubuntu. #
  • A good friend of mine had no idea who Carl Sagan was. Obviously I need to work on our friendship. #
  • I actually sold a copy of Starstrikers on Scribd today. Curious it was downloaded as an Excel file. Must of been one of my accountant fans! #
  • LRO images lunar landers. Way cool! #
  • Starting to loath RT Fridays. More than one is too many people, make a web page. #
  • Follow Fridays I mean. #

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