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A hearty hail and hello to all those visitors coming here from Twitter and Wil Wheaton’s blog!  I hope some of you will come back now and again to see what I’m doing here on My View.  Mostly I’m talking about my writing and things happening in the IT field.  Especially if those things are about my favorite OS – Ubuntu!

On that note, I’m expecting the final proof copy of my debut Mystery novel, Null_Pointer, from LuLu tonight.  Baring any unseemly errors, I will be approving it for sale.  As soon as I have a URL for purchasing it from LuLu and Amazon, etc., I will post it here first.  If you want to go ahead and start reading it now, you can do so for FREE on Scribd.   You can also swing by the Ning site created for the book and check out all the fan submitted pictures of locations mentioned in the book and even read a short story featuring the detective from Null_Pointer.

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