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Updatery for Null_Pointer

With what I hope will be the final version of Null_Pointer on order from the publisher, I am using that text to create all the file formats that I usually offer for my completed novels.

I updated the Scribd file this morning, but I was unable to get the cover picture added, so for now, it only has the text.  This document is also featured on the Ning site for the book.  Speaking of that site, I have also been updating the theme with the new subtitle.  I also created a photo album for the Photo Walk and cover shots.  I next need to create a folder for media folks to find pictures of the author.

Next up is an HTML version of the novel that will make it onto Smashwords, Kindle and the various ebook publishing venues.  Then of course the usual ebook formats and the plain text version.  After that, I will finish up the ebook version of the Writer’s Edition of NP.  This version will have so much stuff in it, it will take the average reader weeks to wade through.  But if you are a writer, you will find in kind of interesting and perhaps useful.

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