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WIP Update

About 800 words written on Chapter 41 of Tyrmia this morning.  I may get to work more on it again, but probably not today.  Got the hero airborne and I killed the pilot.  Now’s her time to shine.

Today’s writing was accomplished in MS Word on my MacBook.  Why not in Scrivener?  Because that program finally let me down.  I went to get my WIP and the file was not there.  Careful searching on the HD and I found it in three places.  I tried loading each file into Scrivener and all I was able to get was half my novel.  Not sure what happened to the other half.  I have looked fruitlessly for the whole novel on my backup disc, but so far, have not been able to find it.  I do recall upgrading Scrivener a few weeks ago, but after that, my novel has been MIA.  At this point, I am not prepared to blame the program, after all, I do have two children and I am a bit scatter brained at times.  However, I can’t afford the time of re-inputting dozens of chapters back into Scrivener.

Luckily, I did a compile of of the whole novel to Word format last week and I have been using it going forward.  I really hate using Word for things longer than a few hundred pages.  It just takes too long to process and seems to get choked easily.  My kingdom for a writer’s version of Word or some such program that can hold large documents with ease.

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