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Where I Write

This link was obtained from Charles Tan @charlesatan on Twitter.  Famous SF/F authors in their writing places by photographer Kyle Cassidy.  I particularly like Ben Bova’s place, because he has so many of my favorite WW2 airplanes and he is a writing hero of mine.

Several things are common, book cases, clutter and cats.  But what I thought was strange was how many rooms were green.  Not sure what that means.  Also fun to do is count Hugo awards.  I think Michael Swanwick has the record at 5.

Fun idea and very interesting for a starving, beginner like myself.  Some of these folks are pretty well off.  Gives me hope.

Where do I write, you ask?  I know, you didn’t really ask, but I’ll tell you anyway.  The couch in my family room on a laptop.  I have no “writing space”.  I have a cool desk out in the garage, but I can only be out there for a few days out of the year without being either frozen or dying of heat stress.  Sigh.

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