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Most Kindle Owners Over Fifty

CNET did an informal survey of Kindle owners and it turns out that senior citizens rock the device far more than young, hipsters.  This is fascinating to me and at the same time, troubling.  For as I weave my way through my middle age years, I’m getting closer to that demographic.  I also read that most Porsche 911 owners are over fifty.  Does this mean Porsche and Kindle are wasting their money advertising to young people?  Both items are normally out of the reach for college grads but well withing the reach of those who have already accumulated a lifetime of wealth.  Does this mean owning a Kindle is a sign you are having a middle age crisis?

Maybe that hand should have some age spots?

Maybe that hand should have some age spots?

3 thoughts on “Most Kindle Owners Over Fifty”

  1. Well, it was said to be an informal survey. Personally, I have yet to meet anyone under 30 who owns a Kindle. If I were retired, or not trying to raise kids with steep medical bills, I’d have a Kindle. But if I were in my twenties, I’d have an iPhone and use that.

  2. Doesn’t really mean anything. I’m over 50 and I read on my iPAQ. I’m wondering what others use to read their e-books. That, I think, would be more revealing than just “most Kindle readers are over 50”. Besides, you could still get the same results by asking:

    As a Kindle owner, your age is:
    then if the number of people responding were mainly over 50 you’d get the same effect: it would seem most Kindle owners were over 50 just because most replying to that poll were over 50.

    Sadistics can be read pretty much any way you want unless you know the details. Even so, you can bias a poll by how you word it.

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