Writer's Edition Covers

In designing the Writer’s Edtion of Null_Pointer, I decided to do something fun for the cover.  In order to honor the hard work of my graphic designer brother, I decided to keep his covers.  However, I wanted something that would separate the Writer’s Editions from the actual book covers.  Enter the Invert method in Gimp, my image editor.

I simply inverted the image and then added a typewriter font that said, “Writer’s Edtion”.  Clever, interesting and yet still identifiable with the book itself.  These hack jobs show you what I mean.

Null_Pointer Writer's Edition
Null_Pointer Writer's Edition
Starstrikers Writer's Editon
Starstrikers Writer's Editon

I think they look pretty cool.  Oh by the way, the Starstrikers Writer’s Edition will hopefully come out shortly after or in conjunction with the re-release of the book in a second edition this summer.

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