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Proof Copy of Starstrikers

Yesterday I received my first proof copy of my novel Starstrikers from  I purchased it before I had the PDF and cover design finalized, so the copy is not as good as it is now.  I was primarily interested in seeing what it looked like as far as fit and finish from the publisher and to use as a mark-up copy for proofing.  I have to say, that I am really impressed with the quality of printing from  The book is very professionally produced and I hope my humble manuscript will do it justice.

The next step in the process is to get the book professionally edited to weed out any errors that I have missed.  This service costs around $300.00 from which is pretty cheap actually.  Then, when I have got a final draft of the PDF, I will purchase their publishing package.  This puts a ISBN number on the book and registers it with the major book sellers.  So, after a few months, you can buy the book on Amazon or at B & N.

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