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Self Publishing Adventures

I’ve been spending some time getting my first novel ready for publication on  It’s not been a completely smooth operation.  I have the novel in one large file and for some reason, when I do the PDF creation on-line, the chapters get all messed up in terms of formatting.  I’m not sure how to avoid this.  My current version of the book is available on line at this time, but I’m not happy with it.  I want to have a better formated PDF and I want better covers, but it will do for now.

I created the covers in Photoshop and uploaded them, but it was a rush job and I need to go back and clean them up a bit.   As for the PDF formatting issue, I may try and break the novel into chapters and load them up as separate files.   It’s a lot of work making the document perfect and messing around with their upload pages.   You have to really want to do it yourself to put up with it all.  Still, it’s the  cheapest way to get your stuff in print.

When I get a version that is clean – both the PDF and the covers, I will submit it for a ISBN number and register it with book sellers.

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