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A Change of Pace

I’ve decided to give Null_Pointer a break for a while and work on getting my first novel ready for a contest and self publishing on  I first had to cut and paste the text from Open Office into my editor – CopyWrite.  This let me keep track of everything including versions.

Then I began the long process of reading and making edits and re-reading and re-editing until I am satisfied.  When I was in film school, many years ago, I can recall messing with a short film in editing until there came a point where there was nothing left to edit.  Same thing with writing.   This will be the third or forth time looking at Starstrikers and there really isn’t much left to do to it.  As I progress through the story, I will clean up some things that I noticed the last time I read it or that others have noticed, but I don’t anticipate any major edits.

I’m ready to hold it in my hands and put it on the shelf.  By self publishing it, at least I can let others purchase it and read it .  Instead of just refering to it idly in conversation.  I really do like the story and I want to write more in the series, but other things are more pressing at this time.

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