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Where I Write, What Tools I Use

One of the most interesting parts of a website called eHam is the random user submitted pictures of Ham radio operator’s operating stations. Otherwise known as Ham Shacks. It’s always interesting to see what set ups other operators have. On that note, I will attempt to do the same for my writing setup.


Here is a picture of where my MacBook rests when It’s not being used all around the house. A beautiful oak desk in a window nook in the master bedroom. I used to have a nice den for my computers, but then I had kids. You know how that goes.

I have a USB hub behind the laptop that lets me plug into a printer, USB camera cable and the Apple keyboard. The Apple Mighty Mouse is wireless. An old Altec speaker system is also visible. The kids use that when they play games on the Mac. A small, 40 watt desk lamp is also visible. We use the desk for paying bills too.

The windows look out into my back yard where I can keep an eye on the kids playing. I can also see Table Rock and Bogus Basin from the desk.

I use the MacBook primarily for writing but I have been known to write programs on it in Ruby. We also use it as the family computer, at least until I can afford a Mac Mini for the kids to use. All my serious programming computers and radios are in the Ham shack in the garage.

For writing, I use the program CopyWrite. It lets me keep all my notes and writing together in one place. I use a USB thumb drive to back up my files on whenever I think of it.


Well, I hope you enjoyed this brief tour of my writing nook and some of the tools I use.

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