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Remembering Carl Sagan

I was the only one I knew in High School who had read Brocca’s Brain. When in 1978, as a teenager, I was told to get a sport coat for some formal affair, I chose a tan corduroy coat that I later dubbed, “My Sagan Suit”. I cried in my car on the long drive to work, when I heard on NPR that Carl was dead. There are two men who have influenced my life more than any other – My Father and Carl Sagan. Both have now passed on, both have left me a better person in so many immeasurable ways.

Carl Sagan

My father often said one of the only things he had in common with his sons was our love of astronomy. For me, my father gave birth to that love in me and Carl nurtured it into a mature and everlasting relationship. Many an evening my father and brother and I would discuss the nature of the universe after watching Cosmos. My brother and I are still both avid readers of science and especially, astronomy.

There are many posts by me about Sagan on this blog. Please feel free to read them.

“These are some of the things that carbon atoms do, when given the right conditions and enough time.” Carl Sagan Or words to that effect.

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