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Beryl Brilliance

I upgraded my graphics card on Renoke, the Ubuntu workstation, to a nVidia 256MB card.  Then I installed Beryl the friendly interface to Compiz and OpenGL bliss on Linux.  I must say, it’s been a long time since I’ve been that entertained by my computer’s eye candy.  Nothing I’ve seen yet from Apple or Microsoft can out do the bling of Beryl.

It’s fast too!  I switched between desktops faster than I my eyes could keep up.  I have only just begun to play with all the options.   The only qualm I have with it so far, is that the developers based it on a older version of Gnome.

If you want the most exciting and flashy interface to ever grace a computer, forget OSX, Vista and anything you’ve seen in a movie – get Ubuntu and Beryl!

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