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This past week we’ve been enjoying the hospitality of my in-laws in their Tennessee home.  It’s been warm, in the low seventies until Friday when the Midwestern storm blew through bringing high winds some rain and much lower temperatures.

I had thought it would be a good time to do some writing, but so far, I have done little to none.  I’ve been watching the birds and the trees and playing with my kids.  Good time to unwind and do large amounts of nothing – except eating wonderful food. :)

I should be well rested and ready to resume Null_Pointer next weekend.  One of the things I was not able to do on my vacation was get some required alone time to write.  When I get back into my normal daily routine, I will get back my alone time and be able to write again.  Then of course it will be Christmas and more down time.  Hopefully, I will be ready to start the second half of the mystery novel in January.

I did get the chance to print out the first 10 chapters and read through it while I was on vacation.  It’s not so bad as to make me want to throw it out and start over, so I guess I will finish it and see where it ends up after that.

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