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I started writing Null_Pointer on June 15, 2006, so my editor tells me, and so far I’ve managed to crank out a new chapter or about ten pages every weekend.  There have been a few skips for real life events or because I needed a break, but generally, my nose has been to the grind stone.

I’d like to get through the first draft by the end of this year – 2006, but with holidays and vacations coming, it may not be completed until the first few months of next year – 2007.  Then I have to set about with writing the second draft.  The second draft should go faster, because all that entail is adjusting things and nipping and tucking as I reread it.

At this point in time, Chapter 9, there are about 26,778 words and that is 116 pages typed, double spaced.  All of that means if NP turns out to be a 200 page novel, I’m half done and if it makes it to 300 pages, I’m close to 40% done.  I think it will be somewhere between 250 and 300, but that’s a crude guess.  We’ll see.

As for my output, I think I will be stepping it up a bit.  I can write about five pages in an hour.  So far I’ve been writing for two hours every weekend.  I’d like to increase this to about four hours and see if I can come close to doubling my page output.  I’m kind of afraid to do that and have my quality slip any lower than it already is.  All the elements of a mystery are now coming into play and I have to start letting my protagonist figure things out.  Pacing and plotting are becoming more important.  Stay with me for the middle and final acts, it should be fun.

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