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QSL Cards

Recently my mother had the chore of cleaning out my father’s side of the family’s old house in preparation for selling it. She went through all of my grandmother’s old papers and came across some of my father’s old QSL cards. I already had a stack of them that I found in his garage after he passed away along with his log books.

QSL cards are colorful post cards that hams used to send to each other confirming their contacts with other hams all over the US and the world. In this most recent stack, were cards from Russia, Germany and Australia. Very interesting to read the comments even though most were very brief. My dad was never a contester but he did quite a bit of operating back in the 50’s and 60’s.

I also came across a drawing he did of a tiger silhouette with his call sign inside it. W0PHT was known as Pretty Hungry Tiger. I took a digital picture of it and now use it on this site as my icon. You can see the whole thing here.


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