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Ham Radio

Yes, I’m a ham radio operator – W0PHT. The call sign belonged to my father and was his first and last call sign. When my father died, I could not let his call sign get reassigned to a stranger, so I became a ham and took over his call sign. I grew up listening to my dad’s radios and have a deep appreciation for the hobby. When I decided to incorporate amateur radio into the story, I knew I wanted to show how interesting it could be, even to a computer geek like my protagonist.

Since getting my license, I have convinced many geeks I know to get their licenses and join me on the air. It’s relaxing, and interesting and still one of the neatest ways to talk to someone across the world. As a writer, I love to listen to people talk and listening to hams from all over the US and the world is a great way to eavesdrop and get to know other regions.

If you are interested in becoming a ham radio operator, it’s never been easier to get your license. Just study this book by the ARRL and find the local ARRL sponsored testing officers in your area for a time and location to take the test. You don’t have to learn Morse Code and you can get on the air locally with about $250.00. Not too bad for a chance to enter a largely secret club of really interesting people who love to chat.

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