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Listening to Chapter 2

One of the cool features of OS X is that you can right click an have it read any text to you in a number of computerized voices.  I listened to Chapter 2 this morning and it was very interesting.

You can spot things like using the wrong word Bowel instead of Bowl and you can hear pacing and sentence flow.  It’s also good for listening to dialogue.  Now, novel writers don’t really concern themselves with how their characters sound when spoken aloud, that’s usually more important to screenwriters.  But having written a few screenplays, I still insist that my character’s dialogue sounds good when read.  Because even if you are silently reading to yourself, you still are reading out-loud in your head.

Sometimes the computer miss-pronounces something like Dancia’s name.  For some reason it comes out Dancia-a with an “a” added at the end.  But that’s a minor annoyance.

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