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Flash Hypnosis

Can you make a flash movie that could hypnotise someone?  I think you could, at the very least, you could use it to make subliminal suggestions.  If you could manipulate sound along with the images, you could make a flash presentation that was able to put someone into a trance and then suggest that they experience something that they  have a phobia about.  This combined with the heart racing effects of some speed metal music could possibly lead a bad person to making someone think that they are say being eaten by tigers or something.  This could lead to heart failure, especially if the subconsous mind were convinced that they could not be helped.  This is a great premise for the novel.  A geek with sufficiant Flash coding skills, creativity and some knowledge of hypnosis and human psychology could taylor make a program that might actually cause someone to die.  It’s a definate leap of faith, but that’s what makes it credible enough for a novel.

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